Bugs Of Fall: Common Autumn Pests

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall, the season for changing leaves, time spent with family, and pumpkin spice everything. These are all basic, common things we attribute to the changing of the seasons from summer to fall, but there’s another common piece we conveniently like to forget about – fall pests.

But don’t pests come in the Summer? Mosquitoes, ants, flies? While you’re correct about that, there are several very common pests that are synonymous with the fall season. From dropping temperatures to migration patterns, there are specific reasons that make these creepy critters so common as the fall season takes full force. So let’s dig right in! What pests might you find in your home this fall?


As the nights get cooler and we trade our backyard hangouts for cozier indoor spots, so do many pests. Unfortunately, rodents, like mice and rats, are no exception. Rodents are able to squeeze, or even chew, their way into a place that they deem desirable, quickly spreading germs and disease. Rats and mice are typically found in areas with very little activity and lots of hiding spots, so check your attic and garage, or any place that may be used for storage. To keep food out of reach, always remember to properly seal your food, including dog food and birdseed.


Like a terrible Halloween movie, spiders are probably trying to make their way into your home this Autumn. Luckily, living in the Northwest means that most of these spiders are not poisonous to humans. However, that doesn’t mean their bites are not painful. To keep spiders out, and most other pests, closely inspect your doorways and other seals.


The boxelder bug is typically found in, you guessed it, the boxelder tree. But this North American specie of true bug can also be found on your more common maple and ash trees. How do you spot a boxelder bug? These critters are long, with a dark brown or black coloring. They have red winged veins, and their abdomens are marked with a bright red coloring. In the cooler months, boxelder bugs love to create communities around your home and its curb appeal. Seeking warmth, these nuisance pests can sometimes find their way into your home, underneath siding or inside your walls. There are a number of tricks and items you can use to remove boxelder bugs from your home, from wet/dry vacuums that trap the bugs in soapy water, to sprays you can purchase at your local gardening store.


In the early fall, Halloween spiders begin invading neighborhoods, often found near pumpkins and large cobwebs. Halloween spiders can be quite large in size, with a black, sometimes glittery appearance. Although frightening at first sight, these spiders usually keep to themselves and stay out of the way. And as scary as they may appear, there is no need to fret, these spiders quickly disappear at the end of October, usually replaced by turkeys.

With fun fall events, including Halloween, pests in and around your home can quickly put a damper on things, so make sure to call Patriot Pest Management for your current and preventative pest control needs, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind this season. We’ll take care of the pests so you can take care of the pumpkin spice!