Fido on Andover Pest Control: Should You Let Your Pets Eat Bugs?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Anyone who is an animal owner probably knows that dogs and cats will eat the strangest things – including bugs. In fact, in my house, if there’s a fly, all I have to do is alert my cat to this fact (if he isn’t already on the job) and he will flit about the house until he catches that fly with his paw and quickly maneuver the insect into his mouth where he happily chews this buzzing treat. It’s gross, but honestly, I have no problem with it.

Letting our pets do our bug hunting for us is an all-too-easy task and you may not see any harm in the habit. In most cases, you both win – you get rid of the bug and the pet gets an apparently tasty snack. However, we may not consider that these insects could be hazardous to our furry friends.

If you or your neighbors have your lawn or landscape treated by a Andover pest control company, there may be areas where you need to keep your family pet away from so he doesn’t come into contact with the chemicals. But what if insects that have had contact with the treated plants get into your home? They may have remnants of the Andover pest control spray on them which could pose a serious threat to a cat or dog if ingested.

If your yard is being treated by a Andover pest control company, you may want to ask about child- and pet-friendly applications. If those aren’t available, take steps to ensure your pet stays away from the area and for the time being, and dissuade them when possible from eating insects. This might mean you’ll actually have to do the bug-squashing yourself and your pup or kitty might get angry that you took away the hunt, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.