Garter Snake Pest Control

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Many homeowners may not be aware that there are effective pest control methods for garter snakes. Even better, there are some humane ways to eliminate garter snakes without having to kill them.

Garter snakes are the most commonly found garden snake that homeowners and landscapers encounter. They are abundant in all areas and climates from Central American to Canada. Most pest control experts will tell you that having a garter snake around isn’t necessarily a bad thing; you may have to make a decision of which is the greater evil: snakes or rodents? Garter snakes are not poisonous and only pose a real threat to mice, rats, voles, crickets, slugs, snails and other snakes which may be poisonous. However, if you have pets or children to worry about, there are some methods you can use to get rid of these slithering serpents.

Your local pest control company can capture and remove garter snakes with glue boards. Although the snake will be stuck, it won’t be harmed. A simple dose of vegetable oil will free the snake again. There are also a few ways you can try to prevent snakes, the most effective being your mowing habits. Pest control experts recommend keeping your grass short. Tall grass makes a perfect spot for garter snakes to lay in waiting for their next meal. You may also want to keep wood piles and other yard debris such as leaves as far away from your home as possible, as these are also favored hiding spots for snakes.

Another solution is eliminating the food source. Your local pest control company can help you eliminate rodents and other bugs that attract snakes. If there isn’t anything for them to eat, they will happily move on to another area where food is more abundant.

For all of your garter snake and rodent problems, call your local pest control company.

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