“Green” Pest Control Solutions

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Andover pest control industry is fueled by the needs and desires of its customers. And as topics such as recycling, global warming and conservation become more prevalent, many Andover pest control companies are hearing from clients who are looking for the same quality of services without creating such a heavy carbon footprint.

Pest control companies are joining the band wagon and creating more environmentally friendly services. Even those clients who aren’t living “green” may find these services more preferable when they know their family or pets won’t be in danger when it comes to coming into contact with toxic chemicals.

Pest control treatments from mole baiting to bed bugs all have green remedies. For example, many Andover pest control companies now offer heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs. Instead of using a spray, heat is introduced into the environment to kill bed bugs no matter where they are hiding and in every stage of development. All without the use of chemicals.

Even if your Andover pest control company doesn’t offer all green services, they still may be able to offer natural remedies that aren’t official, but may work. But unfortunately, there are some Andover pest control issues that must be corrected with the use of chemicals. However, if you stress the importance of using non-toxic remedies, your Andover pest control agent may be able to help you find an alternative.

If you have any Andover pest issues and are looking for a plan of attack that won’t threaten the health of your family or pets, call your local Andover pest control company and ask for a consultation. Take this opportunity to discuss your concerns and find out if they offer “green” solutions to any of your Andover pest problems.