The Perfect Drought-resistant Plants for Your Rock Garden

Monday, November 30, 2015

Rock gardens are becoming very popular and common according to Andover lawn care experts because they are perfect places for plants that can be exposed to long periods of sunlight without becoming dehydrated. Some homeowners use the areas of their Andover lawn that have dry soil to plant more drought-tolerant plants so the area will have a unique appearance instead of looking bland or barren.  Although some of these plants may not be the prettiest, Andover lawn care specialists say they offer a great deal of aesthetic appeal, especially against the rock garden. If you’re looking for something different, ask your Andover lawn care company about installing these rock garden favorites this season (and as an added plus, they’re all known for repelling deer).

Lamb’s Ears

Landscapers admit these flowery plants are easy on the eyes and very touchable. They produce a light purple flower on tall spikes and have silver foliage that feels much like velvet.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Lawn care experts say if you’re looking for a plant that will not only keep deer away but other animals as well, the prickly pear cactus offers the same benefits of having a protective barbed-wire fence without actually having one, except it’s much prettier. This plant is largely found in the eastern United States and produces beautiful yellow flowers. The plant itself grows to be six to 14 inches in height.

Hens and Chicks

This oddly named plant is another popular deer repellent, and is a delight in the home garden. It acts more as a ground cover than a decorative plant, but does produce a small amount of flowers and typically appears in small, subtle mounds.

Stone crops

Lawn care professionals say deer do not seem to not have an appetite for this plant. Producing yellow, orange, red or pink flowers, stone crops stand as a favorite in the stone garden community, possibly because it offers contrasting colors in the flowers and leaves, which can appear bluish-green, off-white, greenish-yellow or reddish-pink. If you’re looking for a plant that is more ornamental with a variety of colors to enhance your landscape, stone crops is the way to go.