Spiders, the Halloween Bug

Friday, October 14, 2016

It’s October, and as you drive around the Greater Boston area you see creative Halloween decorations on nearly every road. A lot of these decorations feature spiders, but did you ever wonder how these creepy-crawlers became such a big part of Halloween decorations? People think that spiders and Halloween go hand-in-hand because they flock indoors when cool fall temperatures settle in, but this is a misconception. As professionals that help keep pests out of homes year-round, we wanted to unveil the mystery of why spiders are now a part of traditional Halloween decor, and then we’ll give you tips on how to keep them out of your house (and candy!) this fall.


Spiders are creepy. They have eight legs, dangle from ceilings, and create webs to catch their food. Enormous cobwebs make the perfect Halloween decoration, and we often associate their creepiness and dark color with witchcraft and creatures of the night. We’re all familiar with the haunted houses that pop up in the beginning of October that capitalize on creatures of the night to create a spooky atmosphere. In old, spooky houses, you’re bound to find a lot of old cobwebs lurking in the corners, so it was only natural that spiders also became a part of the holiday. But for the superstitious out there, it is believed that seeing a spider on Halloween meant that the spirit of a dead loved one was watching over you!


Some people might like the idea of a familiar spirit protecting your home from danger, but for those of who are more scared of spiders than evil spirits, try some of these DIY tips this fall to keep spiders outside.

Windows & Doors

Spiders love finding holes in window or door screens. If they can’t get in through a screen they’ll walk around the window or door frame hoping to find a crack. Check your screens and caulk any holes that you find in these frames.


Ivy, shrubs, trees, and other plants attract spiders. If this vegetation is close to your home you can expect a lot of spiders to be living just outside your house. If this vegetation is close to your home you can expect to see a lot of spiders take a few quick strides to scurry into your home. By transplanting these plants away from your home you’ll be discouraging spiders from making the trek.

Food Source

Everyone knows that spiders catch their food in their webs. Without webs, they have no food. Knock down a web once you see it with a broom or duster to eliminate their source of food and they’ll have to leave.


Spiders like to make webs and lay eggs in piles of firewood. Move firewood and other debris as far away from the house as possible.


Thorough house cleaning is a great way to prevent spiders from making a comfortable web in your home. Vacuum regularly and reduce clutter in your closets, garage, basement, and other areas to keep them away.


Incandescent bulbs attract a lot of flying insects, and these attract spiders. Try using yellow or sodium vapor light bulbs outside to attract fewer bugs.


People love the smell of mint, but spiders hate it. If you know where spiders are getting in buy a peppermint essential oil, put it in a spray bottle, and add some water. Spray this on your home near where the spiders are coming inside. They’ll be sure to stay away!


Like mint, spiders hate cedar. Get some cedar mulch and spread it around the perimeter of your house. This will form a protective moat around the perimeter of your home.


Whether it’s orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit, spiders can’t stand citrus. Get an essential oil and spray it where spiders are getting into your house. You can even put citrus peels in your garden to keep spiders off your plants.


If you’re too busy to do these DIY tips yourself, or if you want to take every precaution you can from these creepy-crawlers, you might want to consider getting help from the professionals. Here at Patriot Pest, we can keep spiders out of your home all year long. If this is something you’d be interested in then give us a call. We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween, and beware of those cobwebs!

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