Top 11 Outdoor Christmas Decorations in Boston

Monday, December 19, 2016

Decorating for Christmas is a family event, so why not decorate more than just your Christmas tree? Christmas decorations in your yard can help spread holiday cheer throughout the neighborhood, and will get the attention of your friends and family when they come to visit. Here at Patriot Pest, we put together a list of our favorite outdoor Christmas decorations that we’ve seen driving around the Greater Boston area. If you want to decorate your lawn, give some of these a try!


Sleds are a classic winter decoration here in New England. Put a sled propped up against a light post, or the entryway of your home. The older the sled the better (classic sleds are the best!)


This idea is great for anyone that has a tall pole in their yard, or a lamppost with plenty of room around it. String lights from the top of the post down to the ground, and stake them in. This will look like a tree, and be the focal point of your lawn decorations.


There are a lot of fun ideas you can try to bring your mailbox to life. Tie a plaid scarf around it, let ice skates hang from either side, or wrap it in lights and garland.


Topiaries are living sculptures. These are lighted displays of deer, sleighs, snowman, gift boxes, wreaths, nutcracker, and even Santa. Put these around your yard to light it up! Put the reindeer near bushes as if they were grazing, or even out in front of Santa’s sleigh.


Have a flower bed box in the front of your home? Clear those dead plants out of there and fill it with garland and brightly colored ornaments.


For the religious among us, nothing says Christmas like a manger. The characters for manger scenes come in all sizes, and some are even lit up! If you have a manger scene that isn’t lit up, shine some light on it so everyone can appreciate it at night.


This is a project, but a fun one! You can either buy the pieces to make Santa’s Shop, or make your own. All you need is a Santa, a few elves, and some tools, and it will look like the North Pole is in your front yard!


Have an evergreen tree in your front your? Turn it into a Christmas tree! Decorate the tree with big lights and enormous ornaments so they can be seen from the road. The bigger the tree the better!


Is there anything more inviting than a doorway wrapped in garland? Go the extra mile and add red bows and ornaments to make it stand out.


Hang balls of light in the trees on your front lawn. If you have any extra wire lying around, particularly chicken wire, wrap that into a ball and then string lights through and around it. Then just hang them from some branches and your trees will come to life. If you have a lot of chicken wire make the balls a couple feet wide and lay them in your yard.